Chemical Process Industries

• Kobelt - Pro - LL
• Other Filters

Major applications include, but not limited to …
Mineral, Paint & pigments, Pharmaceutical, Bio-technology, Petrochemical, Food and food processing, Fertilizers, Sugar, Distillery, Edible oil, Coal, Cement, Engineering, Metal finishing, Oil-water separation, Coolants, Textile processing, ETP, STP etc.

Chemical Process Filters
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Metal Finishing Line

• KOBELT - RFM - 20

For effective Phosphating bath filtration

Operation :
• The upper chamber is feed Chamber and lower one is filtrate chamber.
• A reusable filter cloth is operational in between the chambers.
• One of the chamber is kept fixed and the other movad up and down.
• The Moving Chamber is assisted with locking arrangement.
• The operation of the system consist of filtration. dewatering and sludge discharge


Phosphating bath filtration
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Engineering Fluid Filtration

• Konsep Automatic
• KONSEP - Mnl
• CRM - 100
• Squeeze Press
• Kosepoil

Various coolants are used in engineering industries
Grinding, hobbing, honing, shaving etc.. are some of metal removing operations
Removed metal alongwith tramp oil get into the coolants
These need to be separated effectively, else quality of coolant is deteriorated

• Is a consumable-less fully automatic on line filtration system
• Zero recurring cost
• Maintenance-free
• Replaces all conventional paper band, pre-coat filters etc..
• Reduces bacterial growth
• Reduces downtime
• Increases productivity

Konsep Automatic

Effluent Treatment Sludge Dewatering

• Kombelt - mono
• Kobag
• Kompax
• Other Filters

Most economical sludge dewatering for SMALL ETP's !!!!!

• Sludge generated in small ETP's is also small.
• Scientific sludge separation and disposal is desirable and mandatory.
• Statutory requirements will only get much stricter with the passage of time.
• Conventional drying beds and filter presses are quite costly and are highly labour intensive.
• Highly advanced belt press filters are too costly.
• KOBAG is the ultimate answer.
• Only one person, who is operating the ETP can handle the sludge management, without any additional manpower.
• Conditioned sludge from the ETP is drained in the specially made Hydrophobic filter bags.
• Clear filtrate flows out of the bag from all sides and is carried out of the unit.
• Just few hours of operation will yield solid concentration of higher than 15%.
• Bags are then sealed and removed from the unit with the help of the special Removing trolley.
• The bags can further be stored in the open or under roof, for further evaporative dewatering.
• Typically within 10-15 days of atmospheric drying, a moisture content of about 60-65% can be obtained.
• The bags are then sent for final disposal.
• KOBAG system come in 1 - 6 bag configurations.

Effluent Treatment Sludge Dewatering
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